Jump For Joy Weekly Classes

Jump For Joy is all about each class being unique with different props and themes. We offer the widest range of authentic and popular children’s music, musical instruments & techniques, drama, magical props, sports, gymnastics and dance programme on the market for children.  Our primary aim is to encourage and develop the joys of creative expression in young children, from our background in childcare, leading tutors in music drama and movement; developing fitness, health and confidence.

All our classes are uniquely different with exciting props and themes. We take pride in our methods of teachings, promoting unity among peers with culture, authentic costumes, pictures, dance and music.
Incorporating balance and centre, gymnastics and all areas of sports working on fine and gross motor skills, make believe adventures; including dress-ups and wonderful puppets, stories and adventure plays, skills of rhythm, pitch, melody, timing and all musical instruments.  We also offer vocal teachings; through warm ups, chants, finger plays and beautiful melodic songs; creative movement with encouragement and guidance for each child to express themselves freely through their own thoughts and feelings; teachings of well being, muscles, bones, the heart and food groups; wonderful relaxation methods including reflexology, gentle music with nature and much much more!

Our main goal is to be consistent and loving with praise and guidance to all the children in Jump For Joy.  Jump For Joy understands the vital importance of stability for every child in every class, enabling growth and confidence in all the areas we teach; which is why we pride ourselves on the same, reliable instructors for the children each year.

We specialise in age appropriate classes for babies, toddlers, kinders and pre-schoolers:
Jump For Joy Birthday Parties, CD’s, while encouraging parent / child and instructor connection through progress reports, letters, calls and informational colour sheets for each child to take home