Scoresby Village Childcare Centre Philosophy


Scoresby Village Childcare Centre’s philosophy reflects “Being, Belonging and Becoming,” The Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework.

We reflect some of Reggio Emilia’s principles where ‘Children are driven by their interests, to understand and know more’ and we ‘value the child as strong, capable & resilient, rich with wonder and knowledge’.

At Scoresby Village Childcare Centre


Children are unique individuals with their own strengths and interests.

- Children are offered inviting and open-ended experiences to encourage their learning journey and develop personal strengths, interests and needs.

- A safe and welcoming home-like environment is promoted by all educators for children to confidently explore, learn and develop.

- We believe each child’s day should be spontaneous, exciting and stimulating, relaxing, comforting and most importantly their day should be filled with fun.

- Each child’s learning and discoveries are celebrated through meaningful documentation and reflection.

- Children will be supported to solve problems and express themselves while being challenged appropriately throughout the day.


Parents and Families are viewed as partners, collaborators and advocates for their children.

- We support and welcome any family member’s interests and involvement in the community of our centre.

- Educators build strong relationships with families to work alongside them in helping with their children’s learning and development. We strongly believe our high level of communication with families is important to build these relationships.

- We aim to provide families with a strong sense of belonging and allowing them to be active members of our centres community.


Educators are appreciated for their knowledge, values, skills, vision for the children and their commitment to families.

- All members of our team work together to achieve the best quality service for all children and their families.

- We aim to provide all Educators with ongoing education relating to best practices for children.